The Escanya Story

How many activewear leggings, shirts and sports bras do you own?

If you are like most women, it's probably way too many than you care to admit, and most of them you've probably bought on a whim and are really not all that fussed on! Maybe it's because they constantly roll down, aren't supportive enough, aren't squat proof or are just ridiculously uncomfortable.

Creators of Escanya, Jenn and Mel are also the CEO and COO of Mums Exercise Group Australia and they know all too well about the trials and tribulations women face when it comes to activewear. With a focus on activewear for mother's, they understand the difficulties they experience when finding, purchasing and wearing activewear, as they too are mums!

After becoming a mum for the first time to triplet boys, Jenn had no end of trouble finding activewear to fit her new shape. Having the triplets left her with a significant apron around her tummy from being stretched so much, making her self conscious and uncomfortable in most activewear brands. She also struggled finding comfortable and attractive activewear tops with a sleeve that weren't skin tight and suited for a size 8 model.

Mel found herself with a collection of pre-baby active wear that didn't translate to her new role of 'mother of 2 boys who don't know how to sit still'. Let's face it - who has time for multiple changes of clothes for anyone but the kids?!? She needed something that fit her new shape, could take her from WOD to mum life without showing off her knickers and just be comfortable.

That is why they have embarked on a mission to create an activewear brand that evokes a feeling of empowerment, strength and confidence for the wearer.

In fact translated, Escanya means (E)mpowered (S)trong (C)onfident, with Anya, meaning 'Mother' in Hungarian. 

In addition to their soon to be launched Escanya styles, Escanya is also a distributor of Mums Exercise Group Australia merchandise.